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CryptoLeaks is a place to share information, which is otherwise not publicly available, about anything which affects the cryptocurrency community. In order to get your leaks/whistleblowing/confessions posted here, you have to send your submission by filling out the form below. After a review of your submission, it will be posted here by the Admins.

You can either choose to post the submission publicly or anonymously. You can also choose whether or not you want to share the proof with the public.

Featured Leaks

In order to get your submissions on the Featured section, you have to provide a story deemed exceptional along with proof to back up your claims. Personal experiences can not be posted here, only events that affect the cryptocurrency community as a whole.

Examples: Someone knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is and posts proof. A developer at a major coin posting proof on how the creators are planning to scam investors, etc.

General leaks

Everything else goes here.

Date Name Submission type Submission Proof
1/19/2018 Anonymous Personal/Confession When I used to trade on LBC, I sold 10k worth of BTC, and the idiot deposited a check. The check didn't match the details that he gave me. I contacted the bank to try to get the check returned to the right person. They did nothing. So I made $20k on a single trade that took about 10 mins. N/A

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