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Ethereum’s meteoric rise came about due to the hype over Smart Contracts. It recently had a very large amount of ICOs on its platform and a lot of interest from the developer community. It is a Turing Complete language meaning that pretty much any kind of program can be written on it. It aims to be a platform on top of which Dapps and Smart Contracts can be written. It uses its own programming language, Solidity.

Ethereum logo 2014.svg
Ethereum logo
Purpose Smart contracts, Dapps, ICO platform
Tech Currently PoW. Planned PoS
Supply 38,739,144,847 XRP (as of 29 December 2017)
Price $91.3462362301 USD (5 minutes update)
Whitepaper Ethereum: Homestead documentation



  • Turing Complete allows a very broad range of Dapps to be programmed on the platform
  • Largest following amongst blockchain developers
  • Arguably the best developer tools
  • Large corporate support through the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA)
  • Concise programming language suitable for blockchain


  • A repeat of the DAO hack on other software developed on the platform due to the room for error and unfamiliar programming language
  • Slower uptake due to unfamiliar programming language
  • Superior tech may overtake it
  • Uncertainty surrounding PoS shift





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